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Aclam - Canivell Guitars

Aclam Exchangeable Cartridge Pickup System (AECPUS):


Allows you to build your own sound by changing pickups instantaneously – no tools necessary. AECPUS means Aclam Exchangeable Cartridge Pick Up System.

Consists of two cartridges, where pickups are installed, and a double dock where the two cartridges securely attach. The cartridges are physically and electronically configured to accept virtually any pickup available on the market.

Being able to change its sonic character in a matter of seconds opens up possibilities for new and exciting pickup combinations that will make your guitar the ultimate in versatility.

This illustrates all the parts that form the AECPUS pickup swapping system, and how pickups are installed on a stainless-steel plate.

The system allows you to physically install any pickup on the market into your Canivell guitar.

Aclam’s PCB switching circuit allows you to utilize all the electronic features of the pickup


Using three screws, the cartridge can be adjusted longitudinally and laterally, and the pickup’s height relative to the strings can be adjusted to optimise your tone.

Here we can see how AECPUS is housed inside the body of the guitar, with the pickups loading from the back.


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